Examples of Constructive Messages

Management Style

“Carlos-  You are a great boss but in our staff meetings, anytime someone brings up a new idea, you assign it to them to do the research and make a recommendation.  I have a lot of creative ideas but my plate is full and I don’t want any additional assignments.  Could you be hindering innovation instead of supporting it?   Just something to think about.”

​”Cynthia-  I don’t know if you realize it or not but you seem to have some people who are your favorites.  Some of the rest of us feel like we are ignored and unimportant.  We all want some of your time and attention and need your help with many daily office problems.   Think you could expand your list of favorites to include the rest of us?  Thanks for listening!”


​”Bob… I am not sure if you have noticed or not but one of our team members has been coming in very late for the past two to three weeks.   I am not sure if you were aware or not but people are beginning to complain.  It is starting to effect morale.   Please take a look.  I have always enjoyed working on this team.  It would be a pity to let one person bring it down.  Thanks for listening.”

“Ms. Carlton…  We are overloaded in the call center!  The supervisor tells us that help is on the way but she has been saying that for more than two months now.   Several of us are looking for other opportunities as all this work is just not worth it anymore.  Please help.”

Workflow/Process Improvement

“I have an idea I have suggested to my supervisor.  He keeps telling me it won’t work.  I think it will.  What if we were to…  .”

​”The copier we use in Accounting is 400 years old.  My manager says we don’t have the budget to replace it.  Do we not understand the cost of lost time  and inefficiency?  Signed, Frustrated.”

Personal Mannerisms/Quirks

“Boss… you sometimes get too close when you are talking to us individually, particularly if you are bending over to look at our computer screens.  Your breath is not always the greatest, especially after morning coffee.  Try a Tic-Tac, please.”

“Tess… just thought you ought to know that people in the department are all talking about your new spring wardrobe.  Yesterday I heard a client make a derogatory comment.  Just thought you would want to know.”