For Managers Only

Managers usually react to anonymous feedback in one of three ways.

Ignore It

Some may totally dismiss the feedback.  After all, if the team member does not have the courage to address the issue face-to-face, why should the manager consider their opinions?  Be careful.  There may be something about your position, your personality, or this particular situation that make it difficult for your team member to approach you directly.

Get Angry

​Another common reaction is anger.  Offended managers may spend all of their time in denial, trying to track down the team member who submitted the feedback.  Revenge doesn’t normally work and is rarely satisfying.  Additionally, one employee could be  “ghosting” as another employee (intentionally using the grammar/speech/spelling/content of someone else on your team to mask their own identify).  Why waste your energy?

Practice Emotional Intelligence

​The third and more practical reaction is to practice emotional intelligence by absorbing the message, analyzing its meaning, and then acting.  The smart manager will consider the possibility that the feedback is valid and, if necessary, work  to improve the environment and their management skill and style.


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