Is your manager driving you crazy? 

Flash Coach can provide your manager with training designed specifically to address issues with their management skill or style.

Our content is developed and managed by senior executives with Fortune 500 experience  who have not forgotten their days in the trenches, face-to-face with real people, solving business problems.

The coaching package your manager will receive will:

-focus, specifically, on the issue you have identified in your message;

-be sent anonymously, just like your message; and

-include a combination of written and video materials and resources, all at a  very affordable cost.

Sample topics include:

  • Avoiding Favoritism
  • How To Run An Efficient Staff Meeting
  • Are You A Micro-Manager?
  • Listening Skills
  • Becoming a Trustworthy Boss
  • The Friend Zone- How To Manage People Who Used To Be Your Peers
  • Are You An Unaware Harasser?
  • Delegation Skills
  • Leading By Example
  • Taking Credit for the Work of Your Employees?
  • Management-by-Walking Around

… and many others.  Including a coaching package with your anonymous Someoneshouldtellyou message is an excellent way to express your sincerity and professionalism.