Reverse Coaching (employees providing feedback and coaching to their managers) is nothing new.   Still, regardless of how approachable your manager may be, some topics and situations are too difficult to address face-to-face. enables you to send sensitive messages quickly and with complete anonymity.  Individuals can send single messages or organizations can contract for unlimited use, creating a process improvement tool or ethics hotline.  Scroll down to see how it works in three simple steps.

Step One- Write Your Message

No need to open an account or join.  Use our “WRITE YOUR MESSAGE” page to compose a confidential message to your boss.  Be concise and professional.  Don’t use any identifying names, references, grammar, or other specifics as you might not be able to predict your manager’s response.  You will want to send your message from a personal device, not your company-owned laptop.  You will also have to read and agree with all the “Terms and Conditions”,  “Privacy Policy”, and “Refund Policy” before sending your message. We reserve the right to edit or even reject your message if we determine it to be mean-spirited, discriminatory, negative, or harassing in any way.  Keep it positive and constructive, please.  Click on LEGAL STUFF in the menu bar to read all the fine print.


Step Two- Review Your Message

Select one of two levels of coaching you want to provide your manager.   The lowest level option, simply sending the message, costs about the same as a Starbucks Venti–a little more than $5.  For an additional fee, you can also send your boss a customized, anonymous coaching module (click for details) designed to address your manager’s specific challenge.  Finally, you may find that simply drafting the message was therapeutic enough.  We don’t mind being your online therapist!  Just exit before you get to the payment stuff.   If you do decide to send your message, we promise will keep your identity 100% confidential.   Click on MESSAGE EXAMPLES in the menu bar to see examples of constructive messages.

Step Three- Send Your Message

When you hit the “Send My Message” button, an experienced manager from our team will review your message, vet it for appropriateness, and send it anonymously from our email address, not yours.  The reviewer will not include your name or email.  In addition to your message, we will also provide some basic coaching for your manager on how to react positively to the email (see it for yourself).  The combination of your message and our coaching will help your manager improve your situation,  making life better for all.  After you send your message, we delete your original request and will not contact you again, unless you specifically request confirmation that your message was processed.  No mailing list; no advertising; no paper trail.  Click on SAMPLE EMAIL in the menu bar to see a representation of the email your manager will receive.